Puck Collect

For years, we loved to go to Austria for the RobotChallenge event. Unfortunatelly, it will not be organized in Vienna any more since 2017; this year, it will be held in China some time in summer and there is no more info about the future. Therefore, we have discussed with the RobotChallenge organisers how to keep it and we agreed on organising one of their competitions in Pregue. It will be the Puck Collect competition. We sincerely invite all former teams to come to Prague to meet again!

The task of the two robots in the game is to collect pucks of their colour (red for one, blue for the other) and bring them back to their starting position. The one, who brings more pucks home will win (or in case of the same number, the one who does it faster). The rules can be found at the rules page.

If you did not know this competition, here you can find some photos to get an idea:
img_12287 img_12256 img_12253 41_30285 41_30281 41_30235 41_36208 41_36163 41_36155 41_36153 41_36148 41_36145 41_36125 41_39981