Due to the government regulations and their consequences, Robotic Day 2020 WILL NOT BE HELD.
Let’s hope together for better conditions in 2021.

Those who register early (before April 15) may opt for a T-shirt with Robotic Day motive. After April 15 until May 15, only the reduced registration is possible:

contest registration until April 15 April 16 – May 15
full 9 € not possible
reduced without T-shirt 3 € 6 €

Robot contest registrations: online form.

One team may register any number of robots for any number of competitions and there is no limit on the number of team members but please note that the competitions will be held in parallel.
If more robots register for the competitions from the same “nest” (school, club etc.), they must be significantly different – it is not fair to the others to use more “too similar” robots. It is also not fair to use different robot behaviour when playing against fellow robots and when playing against robots from somewhere else.
Robots can be registered until May 15 (without affecting registration of team members).

Proposals for demos, stands, company presentations (student as well as company proposals) will be accepted later; if you want to discuss your presentation now, please contact us.

Volunteer registration and other info: