Just after registration end

Just minutes ago the registration ended and the results look nice: 100 teams from 9 countries 375 participants ranging 7 to 69 years 209 robots, 91 of them are built purely using a selected construction kit. But should someone else want to tak part, let us know – if you promise to bring a niceRead more about Just after registration end[…]

Early registration is over

Early registration was open until May 1. Late registration will remain open until the end of May so there is still chance for latecomers – the form is here. As of May 1, there were 145 robots registered (by 280 participants from 8 countries). The biggest number of robots registered as usual in the LineRead more about Early registration is over[…]

Toy Cleanup clarification

We cleared the Toy Cleanup scoring: 1. Every toy correctly placed in the destination area scores +1 point, every cube placed in wrong area scores -1 point. Toys spread elsewhere on the playing field are not considered. 2. If the robot does not return back to the starting area in the time limit of 5Read more about Toy Cleanup clarification[…]


Registration for 2017 edition is open till May 31, 2018. Those who register early (before May 1) may opt for a T-shirt with Robotic Day motive. After May 1, only the reduced registration is possible: registration until May 1 after May 1 full 9 € not possible reduced without T-shirt 3 € 6 € RegistrationRead more about Registration[…]

2018 news in short

tl;dr news: New competition Toy Cleanup Beginner and Advanced. Bear Rescue Beginner is not held and is replaced by Toy Cleanup Beginner. Mini Sumo Construction kit category is up to 15x15cm and 1kg. In Ketchup House, robots must avoid collisions, “priority to the right” applies. No lead line in RoboCarts, defunct robots are not removed.Read more about 2018 news in short[…]

2018 Edition

2018 Edition

15th edition of Robotic Day in Prague will be on June 9-10, 2018 (open for public on Sunday June 10 only). Similarly to previous years, we will organize number of different competitions, all open for domestic as well as foreign teams. For the “Roadside Assistance” competition, the Prague part will be its international finale. ForRead more about 2018 Edition[…]