2018 Competitions

Bear Rescue AdvancedBear Rescue Advanced

The robot has to find a lost bear and bring it back home. In this competition, the robots are fully autonomous, i.e. they decide by themselves without human intervention.
Bear Rescue Advanced rules

Free StyleFree Style

The contest is open to all robotic enthusiasts. Did you make something that even loosely relates to robotics? Then this category is just for you.
Free Style rules

Ketchup HouseKetchup House

A pair of robots compete in a warehouse, who will get more ketchup cans at the end of the game. The warehouse is filled by up to 12 cans of ketchup and its floor is marked by a grid of lines to help the robots to locate. Which robot takes more cans to its base line?
Ketchup House rules

Line FollowerLine Follower

The robots should be designed to quickly follow the black line. However, they may meet different obstacles on the track – split and join of the line, objects on the track and line interruptions. Only robots that overcome all obstacles can succeed.
Line Follower rules

Mini SumoMini Sumo

Each robot is trying to push the opponent out of the ring. The one who stays in the ring for longer, wins.
Mini Sumo rules

Puck CollectPuck Collect

One robot collects blue, its opponent red pucks. They have to bring them to their homes in the playing field corners.
Puck Collect rules

Roadside AssistanceRoadside Assistance

After a crash on the road, the site needs to be cleaned. The place should be properly labelled and cargo has to be loaded onto replacement vehicles. Which of the robots is able to cope better with this embarrassing situation?
Roadside Assistance rules


Up to 5 robots compete on the racetrack at the same time who will be the first to pass predetermined number of rounds. There is however a lot of corners on the track, which makes it quite difficult.
RoboCarts rules

Toy Cleanup BeginnerToy Cleanup Beginner

The robot has to pick toys (cubes) spread at the playing field and store them where they should be. In this competition, the robots are remotely controlled by their authors.
Toy Cleanup Beginner rules

Toy Cleanup AdvancedToy Cleanup Advanced

Similarly to the previous one, the robot shall store toys found at the playing field where they belong to. However, in this “Advanced” competition, the robot is fully autonomous and people do not control it.
Toy Cleanup Advanced rules

Competition variants

All competitions are organized in two variants (categories):
a) build the robot from whatever you want;
b) build a robot using a robot construction set.
The “Construction kit” category is held for pupils and students up to secondary schools (ISCED 0-3). There may be also older people such as teachers or parents in the team but such people must not participate on the robot development, they are to supervise the team as “non-playing” or “honorary” captains and mainly care about the young team members in terms of safety and well-being. It such teams, it is allowed to participate for the students of the last year of their secondary education even if they have already passed the leaving exams and officially finished their secondary education under the condition they were in a “studying state” earlier this year.

Construction kits rules


This is how some of the competitions looked like in previous years. Most of the rules for 2018 are similar, however do read the rules, there are differences: